After much adieu, we are happy to announce that Of Gods and Men: The Daybreak Empire will be released for PC on Steam and in November, 2018!

Of Gods and Men: The Daybreak Empire is a story driven turn based strategy RPG game that follows Saaga Kuranes as her dream of creating a better world leads her and her armies across the continent of Tamira. Winning a diverse cast of heros to her side, she fights a war that pits her against the wills of the gods themselves.

The Daybreak Empire is a love letter to classic turn based RPGs. Battles take place on one of 55 unique maps, where the player must strategize around the RPS mechanics of 3 main unit types, and 12 special units that break the mold. These are supported by extra strong heroes, and can be leveled up through combat. The strength of attacks is dictated by a quicktime meter that keeps the player engaged and on their toes. Unit management and creation takes place on a large world map that unfolds as the game progresses, allowing the player to fight their way across the world.

The Daybreak Empire will be available for $4.99 USD on Steam, (where you can go play the demo right now), and Humble Store. Keep your eyes peeled here, because we’ll be introducing the characters and showing sneak peaks regularly. As well, the soundtrack will be available on our Bandcamp soon.

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Of Gods and Men: The Daybreak Empire (Demo v0.1.0-beta) 69 MB
Sep 07, 2018

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What a wonderful beta! So far I love the simple to learn hard to master aspects of the game, it feels very much like Fire Emblem with a Grand Strategy layer! Adore it, as well as the setting - very I don't want to say Forgotten Realms but more like Conan? 

Anyway useful feedback. So far the only thing I miss is enemy range, so being able to see how far enemies can attack, along with their movement. 

A bug I encounted was the mission where you invade Koduma and face off against Taoa. It's a repeatable bug but basically I saved before the fight, and the fight worked as well as it should. Then, our mage died in battle so I decided to soft-reset. After loading the enemies would attack Taoa instead and lock the game. I can upload my save data if you need it. 

Only other thing I have to mention is that perhaps you could gain something when you conquer/liberate a land? Getting no money or units at all seemed odd to me. Other than that I think you have a great little game right here.